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T-shirt quilt

My husband Brandon had tons of t-shirts that had sentimental value that he couldn't wear anymore but didn't want to throw away. Perfect solution: t-shirt quilt! The shirt in the center are the lyrics to Portugal's national song. He lived there for two years so I guess it makes sense.

Log Cabin Stars - Work in Progress

I started this quilt two years ago with my Aunt Nancy. She finished hers months ago...and...I am still working on mine. I'm almost finished - I just need to finish quilting the top and bind it. I love this pattern. The blocks are completely paper pieced, with a log cabin center and 8 star points. It looks complicated but is incredibly easy. My goal is to have it done by the end of the year!

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

I had some extra scraps from my table runner quilts, so I decided to make this wall hanging. I attempted to design a cute little paper-pieced tree quilt pattern. I think it turned out okay. I'll scan my pattern later if you want to use it. :-)

Christmas Table Runner

I needed some little projects to keep me motivated, so I made some table runners for my family. I used one of my favorite paper piecing patterns - log cabin stars. It looks super complicated but paper piecing makes it super easy!

Star Quilt

My mom made me this one for Christmas a few years ago. It's one of my favorites. I hope I can quilt like this someday!

Friendship Quilt

My first quilt! I made it with three of my friends when we were 16. I pulled it out of storage today and smiled at the memories. I've loved quilting ever since.